YOUR memories, captured ARTFULLY


YOUR memories, captured ARTFULLY

Based in Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Artful documentation of life’s most sentimental moments

Editorial Wedding and Elopement Photography on Vancouver Island

Hey! Nice to meet you, I’m Tom Armstrong.

I  am an editorial wedding photographer that fosters a calming, intimate experience through an artful perspective and photojournalistic style.


I put my heart into capturing soulful imagery with an artful edge. By creating a comfortable atmosphere, I can catch those candid moments that make us human. I shoot with a positive, calming presence to your day, allowing your full expression of love to emerge. At the end of the day, you’re left with both the important and in-between moments in fine-art photographs.

Why work with me?

I’ve been photographing elopements and intimate weddings since 2014, I’m confident in my ability to tell your story.

I prioritize my positioning to find interesting compositions and flattering angles. I’ve shot in all forms of lighting and locations. I see the beauty through the spontaneous, fleeting moments of the day. I have the energy and personality to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for you and your guests.

I don’t just take photos, I capture sentimental moments in real time.

I use my observational skills to create stunning images that reflect the personality and emotions that flow throughout the day. I’m always learning new ways to master my craft and client experience.

Not stiff posing or “recreating” the moment 

I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed with me, so that you can be yourself and enjoy your day without any pressure. I’ll still guide you through portrait poses but my priority is to capture moments candidly. I am a quiet and fluid presence. I immerse myself into moments without being in the way.

While I spend about 90% of my coverage capturing candid moments and letting moments play out naturally, there is something special about a set of editorial images that look straight out of a magazine. Using the elements and environment around me I seek compositions that are inspired by avant garde artwork, cinema, and high fashion.

I lead with my heart and intuition to photograph your wedding with my unique perspective as an artist. I am an artist first and foremost, delivering an experience tailored to you through the unique way in which I see your world. You are inviting my creative spirit into your lives, sharing your trust in my art and allowing me the opportunity to photograph unique moments of time that are sentimental to you and your community. Photography is more than a business for me, it is truly what sets my soul free, and I am forever grateful to those who have let me into their lives.

I BELIEVE IN CONNECTION, vulnerability, depth, & honesty

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